Minor surgeries

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Minor surgeries at The Gynae Centre

Save on hospital costs

Here at The Gynae centre, our facilities are approved by the Care Quality Commission for day surgery. This means we are able to cut your costs by about 50% in avoiding admission to hospital.


Your surgery, your choice

Most minor surgeries require only local anaesthesia which saves on cost. However, should you prefer to be asleep, we are happy to provide a highly qualified anaesthetist to administer deep sedation.

State of the art facilities

Equipped with state of the art facilities, The Gynae Centre is one of the foremost centres for gynaecology care in the UK, and home to renowned gynaecology expert – Dr Alex Eskander.

Convenient appointments

We will endeavour to book you in as soon as possbile. All appointments are made to fit around your busy lifestyle.

Consultant-led service

You’ll be seen by an experienced consultant gynaecologist and naturally, your visit will be treated with 100% confidentiality.


Types of surgeries and costs

The most common procedures are listed below:

  • Hymenectomy with local anaesthesia or under sedation
  • Botox for vaginismus
  • Bartholin’s cyst marsupialization under local anaesthesia
  • Bartholin’s cyst incision under local anaesthesia
  • Manual vacuum aspiration of the uterus under local anaesthesia
  • Diathermy for genital warts
  • Loop excision (LLETZ) with local anaesthesia (& specimen analysis)

These procedures may be performed under deep sedation for an additional fee. Most of the above procedures require admission and postoperative stay for 1-2 hours. You should be able to resume your normal activities the same or following day.

Please note: Surgeries must be booked over the phone. Procedure fees do not include our initial consultation fee which is required for all new patients.

Minor surgeries at The Gynae Centre
Minor surgeries at The Gynae Centre

Other minor surgeries

Other procedures performed at The Gynae Centre include:

  • Mini curettage of the uterus
  • Biopsy of the vulva
  • Removal of small lesion or small cyst
  • Removal of moles
  • Diathermy to the cervix

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