Baby Gender Scan

Baby Gender Scan

Sexing Scan

We can determine the sex of your baby from as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy. (Most clinics offer the sexing scan only from 16 weeks onwards.)

Find out how many weeks pregnant you are.

Use the pregnancy due date calendar.

Baby Gender Identification ScanThe baby’s sex is determined at conception by the father’s Y chromosome. The external genitals are neutral. Under the effect of the hormone testosterone, the large labias become the scrotum and the clitoris enlarges to become the penis. This does not occur until 8 weeks of pregnancy. Before 10 weeks of pregnancy, the genitalia look exactly the same, over 10 weeks the scrotum and penis become recognisable but remains small.

Dr Eskander has over 30 years experience in ultrasound gender identification from as early as 12 weeks. Research studies and our experience showed that gender diagnosis can be as accurate as 100% after 12 weeks.

To be able to see the baby’s sex, the baby must be lying in the appropriate position. Thus, it may take up to one hour to wait for the baby to turn.


Pregnancy confirmation/viability scan: £280.
Gender scan from as early as 12 weeks: £700. 99% accuracy. Money back guarantee.

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