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The Gynae Centre is a leading private gynaecological care clinic in Central London. We provide the latest Well Women Checks and cutting-edge treatments for various gynaecological problems, such as abnormal vaginal bleeding, abnormal smears, fertility problems and recurrent miscarriages. Additionally, we offer a suite of state of the art pregnancy scans for the duration of your pregnancy. more...

Private Abortion Clinic in London

Private Abortion Clinic in London

If you are considering terminating your pregnancy, it is of paramount importance that you receive the safest care possible from experienced and compassionate experts. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, The Gynae Centre is an approved clinic for the termination of pregnancy - both by abortion pill and by surgery.

Our aftercare services are second to none, ensuring the abortion procedure is completed successfully and that recovery is swift. It is our goal to keep patients feeling comfortable and informed throughout this sensitive time. We are always available to answer any questions you might have.


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Ask An Expert: Webinar With Gynaecologist Dr Alex Eskander

Be sure to check out this highly requested Webinar for Private Pregnancy UK, covering a comprehensive array of topics concerning Women’s Health.

Many pressing questions were answered, including those regarding sexual health screens, abnormal vaginal bleeding, abortion, HPV vaccination, Menopause and more.

Abortion Rights and FAQs

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Abortion Rights and FAQs

“Whilst women are confident in their decision to have an abortion, others are unsure and have many questions.” explains renowned Dr Alex Eskander, Consultant Gynaecologist at The Gynae Centre. If you are not 100% – and even if your mind is set – the best thing you can do is to arm yourself with all the information as early as possible to give yourself time to consider everything. Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about abortion rights, pregnancy termination treatments and options.

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Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding Although abnormal vaginal bleeding can be distressing, a fast, accurate diagnosis will usually set your anxieties at ease. There are many possible causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding, ranging from polyps and fibroids in the walls of the uterus through to ovulatory dysfunction and ectopic pregnancy. You can rest assured that at the Gynae Centre we use the latest ultrasound technology to determine the cause of any bleeding. This allows us to provide effective treatment with the minimum of fuss.

Abnormal Smear & Colposcopy

Abnormal Smear & Colposcopy Many women become anxious at the thought of having a cervical smear test, however the relaxed surroundings of the Gynae Centre offer a welcoming environment where it really isn't something to fear. We offer same day appointments for your cervical screening for the greatest peace of mind. We also offer Colposcopy services, a quick and simple procedure that involves an internal exam of the cervix. Our expert gynaecologists provide care with the utmost diligence and compassion.

Fertility Problems

Fertility Problems If you are having problems conceiving, then don’t despair, you certainly aren’t alone because as many as one in six couples in the UK are unable to conceive naturally. There are many reasons for subfertility; from ovulation disorder and problems with follicle growth through to issues relating to stress and age. At the Gynae Centre we pride ourselves in having both the technology and the expertise to identify these problems and then provide appropriate treatment to assist you to conceive.
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