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For total peace of mind it is worth paying for a level of gynaecology care that simply isn’t available from the NHS. Flexible appointment times, an exemplary standard of friendly, professional service and a superb environment for consultations, surgery and recovery – all combine to make the care provided by the Gynae Centre second to none.

Our prices are listed below. The overall cost of treatment is dependent on your individual case. The fee is always fully explained and detailed prior to the start of any treatment.

Appointment timings

Whilst we aim to see all our patients in a timely manner, due to the nature of medical consultations delays of up to 30 minutes (sometimes more) can sometimes be experienced. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Surgical abortions

For all surgical abortions please book the Consultation + Ultrasound package. We will examine you and assess your needs. The surgery will then be booked as soon as possible, depending on availability. The cost of this will be deducted from the overall cost of your surgery. Please note that surgical abortion above 12 weeks requires 48 hours preparation.

Surgical procedures

For all surgical procedures (except abortions), please book a Consultation with Dr Eskander for an examination and assessment of your needs.