Early Pregnancy Scans

Early Pregnancy Scans

Whether you are on a short visit to the UK or simply want to confirm your pregnancy, the Gynae Centre is here to help. 

We can perform all early pregnancy scans:

Pregnancy confirmation scan

Our consultants can detect a pregnancy by ultrasound as early as 5 days after the first missed period.

Viability scan

We can confirm the viability of a baby’s heart beat between 6-11 weeks.

Down’s screen scan

We can arrange for Down’s syndrome screen between 12-14 weeks using a Nuchal Translucency scan.

Downs screen scan is now offered to all pregnant women between 12-14 weeks. It involves measurement of the skin fold behind the neck (Nuchal fold) and a blood test combined with mother’s age. It allows estimation of the risk of Down’s syndrome in the pregnancy.

The confirmation of Down’s syndrome is then done by Chorion villous biopsy or amniocentesis. After 14 weeks, Down’s screen can be performed by a combination of blood tests i.e Triple or Quadruple tests measuring three or four hormones combined with maternal age. This test however is less accurate than the earlier scan by ultrasound.

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