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Medical Abortion Using Surgical Procedure

If you are considering terminating your pregnancy, it is of paramount importance that you receive the safest care possible from experienced and compassionate experts. The right to choose is yours, and here at The Gynae Centre we aim to provide you with the best available options when it comes to pregnancy termination.

Pregnancy Termination Surgery (Surgical Abortion)

Pregnancy Termination Surgery (Surgical Abortion)

Surgical termination of pregnancy/ removal of retained placental tissue:

Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) is a gentle, early abortion option which is available between 6 — 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is one of the least invasive procedures available, done with a mini handheld vacuum, creating gentle suction. With this procedure, you have the option to be under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

MVA differs significantly from Machine Aspiration, which is commonly used in many hospitals — requiring general anaesthesia and creating a very strong vacuum pressure leading to significant pain.

By contrast, MVA creates gentle pressure and can therefore be done under local anaesthesia. However, cramps of the uterus will still be felt for small periods of 10-15 seconds, up to 3-4 times, allowing periods of rest in between.

Alternatively, If you prefer to be asleep during the procedure, we can arrange conscious sedation, which allows you to go home after 30-60 minutes and even return back to work the same day.

What to Expect:

If performed under local anaesthesia:

  • Undress from the waist down only
  • No need for fasting the night before
  • You will be placed in Lithotomy position with your legs resting on special poles
  • The vaginal area will be cleaned with antiseptics
  • The lower body parts are covered with sterile drapes
  • A speculum is inserted into the vagina
  • The cervix will be cleaned with antispetics
  • A local anesthestic is injected into the cervix with a very fine needle (<25% of discomfort felt at the dentist)
  • A small cannula is introduced to the uterus, resulting in a small cramp.
  • MVA suction is activated for up to 15 seconds and gentle curettage is carried out. During this step, bad period pain is felt. Rest for 1-2 minutes, then procedure is repeated up to 3-4 times
  • Ultrasound is carried out to ensure that there is no remaining tissue
  • Re-dress, followed by observation for 30-60 minutes, where you will be offered a drink and a snack.
  • Discharge

Why choose The Gynae Centre:

Equipped with state of the art facilities, The Gynae Centre is one of the foremost centres for gynaecology care in the UK, and home to renowned gynaecology expert – Dr Alex Eskander.

At The Gynae Centre, abortion using MVA is provided as a comprehensive package, from consultation to recovery — ensuring patients feel comfortable, informed and supported throughout their journey.


Surgical Abortion under local anaesthesia, (awake) 6-10 weeks: £875. Includes consultation, ultrasound scan, Haemoglobin blood group, Chlamydia test, surgery, theatre fees, ultrasound during surgery, theatre fees.

Surgical Abortion (with sedation) 6-12 weeks and 6 days: £1,300. Includes consultation, ultrasound scan, Haemoglobin, blood group, Chlamydia test, surgery, theatre fees and ultrasound during surgery.

This type of sedation allows you to fall into a light sleep and removes about 75% of the period pain.

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