The average age for onset of menopause (cessation of period for 6 months) in women is around 50 years. This is usually preceded by a phase of irregular periods or non-ovulation, which can involve abnormal vaginal bleeding and unstable hormone levels. In turn this can lead to mood swings and emotional disturbance. This period of pre-menopause can start as early as 40 years of age. Unfortunately this is also the time when uterine cancer can occur. Any abnormal bleeding should therefore be investigated by transvaginal ultrasound or saline hysterography. All of these are offered at the Gynae Centre. If necessary, we can also offer various forms of hormone replacement ranging from most modern tablets to patches and hormonal implants.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Implants

We believe that no woman going through the menopause should suffer the distress of hot flushes (or hot flashes), night sweats and vaginal dryness without at least discussing the pros and cons of hormone replacement and its alternatives. We offer hormone implants with Mirena coil; the recognised approach for avoiding exposure to systemic progesterone and its alleged connection with breast cancer.

Decreased Libido

It is common for women to experience a decrease in libido after menopause and in particular after surgical removal of the ovaries. At the Gynae Centre, our consultants can advise you of possible solutions including the use of testosterone patches or testosterone implants.

Ovarian Cancer Screening

At the Gynae Centre we also offer screening for ovarian cancer. This is done using transvaginal ultrasound combined with CA125 and HE4, which is a new marker for ovarian cancer.

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