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DOSE – 5 Things you’ve always wanted to ask your gynaecologist
Can rough sex be too rough? Does my vagina look normal? What are you thinking if my vagina smells or looks unpleasant? Dr Eskander answers those burning questions yo’ve been dying to ask.

NetDoctor – Period blood: What does the colour and texture say about your health?
Dr Eskander speaks to NetDoctor about period blood. From bright red to black, brown, pink or thick with a membrane-like substance, Dr Eskander explains what your period blood colour and texture really means.

NetDoctor – Vulvodynia: symptoms, causes and pain relief tips
Dr Eskander advises NetDoctor about chronic, unexplained pain in the vulva and discusses causes, symptoms and treatment.

Cosmopolitan UK – How to finger someone *really* well
As part of Cosmo’s self-love series, Dr Eskander talks about fingering from a gynaecological point of view.

Cosmopolitan UK – How to masturbate really, really well
“Masturbation is a healthy behaviour which can help release sexual tension, increase concentration and is without risk of STIs.” explains Dr Eskander to Cosmo.

NetDoctor – Toxic Shock Syndrome: the most common causes and treatments of TSS
Dr Eskander discussed everything you need to know about toxic shock syndrome, the potentially fatal condition.

Mummy Matters – The dos and don’ts when going for smear tests
Dr Eskander guest blogs for Mummy Matters about the dos and don’ts when going for a smear test.

Cosmopolitan – 7 ways to make your smear test feel less embarrassing
Dr Eskander explains to Cosmopolitan magazine 7 ways to make your smear test less embarrassing.

Evening Standard – Doctor busts myths around cervical screening as test rates fall to 20-year-low
After it was revealed that a third of women under 30 avoid their smear test, Dr Eskander spoke to the Evening Standard to dispel some of the most popular myths about the quick, life-saving test.

Daily Mirror – Over HALF of Brits don’t know where the vagina is – and it’s not just the men
A YouGove survey reveals that more than half of Brits don’t know where the vagina is (including women). Dr Eskander explains the importance of body awareness.

SheerLuxe – We answer the most googled questions on… sex
Got a burning question about sex? Dr Eskander speaks to SheerLuxe to answer Google’s most common sexual queries and put your mind at ease. – What your vaginal discharge could be trying to tell you
Unusual vaginal discharge can be a sign that something is wrong. Dr Eskander explains to what the problem may be if the colour, smell or texture of your vaginal discharge is different to normal.

HuffPost – Reasons Why Your Period Might Stop (If You’re Not Pregnant)
Dr Eskander discusses what it might mean if your period stops.

netdoctor – People are using toothpaste to see if they’re pregnant and experts are concerned
People are taking DIY to the next level and using toothpaste to make their own pregnancy tests. Dr Eskander weighs in with the facts.

Daily Express – The TRUTH is out: Experts confirm women should NOT be mums over the age of 44
Dr Eskander comments on the difficulties and risks older women, and their babies, face.

Independent – Does toothpaste work as a pregnancy test?
Dr Eskander speaks to the Independent about this DIY pregnancy test trend.

The Telegraph – British women think 44 is ‘too old’ to have a baby
Dr Eskander comments on women above 44 trying to get pregnancy and the risk it poses for mother and baby.

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