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Private Gynaecology – Why you Should See A Private Gynaecologist

Private Gynaecology – Why you Should See A Private Gynaecologist

Many wonder about why you should see a private gynaecologist and what makes a private gynaecology appointment different. Is it worth it? We believe there are many benefits to seeing a private gynaecologist; you can expect high quality patient-centred care; clinical excellence; exceptional facilities; feel confident in the knowledge that you are seeing a consultant who specialises in women’s health. And that’s just to start.

Whether you need a smear test, have concerns about your gynaecological health, need minor surgery or an abortion, a private gynaecology clinic will offer the following benefits:

1. Longer opening hours

We all lead busy lives and sometimes trying to fit in an appointment during your work day between 9am and 5pm just isn’t convenient. Visiting a private gynaecology clinic can allow you to make an appointment that’s convenient for you.

2. Faster access to appointments and reduced waiting times

When you’re concerned about an issue with your health the last thing you want to do is wait weeks for an appointment. Visiting a private gynaecologist means that you’ll often get seen quicker and at a time that suits you. Here at The Gynae Centre we even offer same day appointments for peace of mind.

3. Longer appointments

There is no need to squeeze everything you want to speak about into a rushed 10 minute time slot. If you book in with a private gynaecologist you can take the time to explain your concerns, have an examination (if necessary), diagnosis, and discuss any treatment. There will be ample time for your consultant to get to the heart of the issue.

4. You can choose your gynaecologist and get the same one every time

Let’s face it, any issues you’re going to be discussing with your gynaecologist are going to be of the intimate variety. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to be entirely comfortable with your gynaecologist. With private healthcare you can hand pick a gynaecologist who has great experience and puts you at ease.

5. Get your test results through much quicker

Forget waiting weeks for test results. Private gynaecology clinics give you the luxury of being able to receive your test results much quicker. At The Gynae Centre we offer results for most tests within 24 hours (although it does depend on the nature of the test).

6. Telephone appointments

Some private gynaecology clinics will offer telephone consultations. We have introduced these in response to the busy lifestyle of many of our customers who are not able to make a traditional appointment. Busy work and family life means that a phone call is often the most convenient way to discuss issues. We also offer telephone consultations for international patients.

If seeing a private gynaecologist sounds a good option for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 7580 8090 to ask any questions or book a consultation with one of our consultants. Alternatively, book your appointment online using our new online booking system. Here at The Gynae Centre we provide compassionate gynaecology care personalised to your needs.