Harmony Prenatal Test (NIPT)

Harmony Prenatal Test (NIPT)

What Is the Harmony Test?

The Harmony Test is a safe, non-invasive blood test that measures foetal cells present in the mother’s blood. The test provides a 99% accurate result for Down Syndrome screening along with 98% for Edwards syndrome and 80% for Patau’s syndrome. The test can be taken from 10 weeks gestation, for any singleton pregnancy including IVF pregnancies with egg donors. It can also be used for all twin pregnancies conceived naturally or by IVF using the patient’s own egg or egg donor.

Do I Need the Harmony Test?

If you want extra reassurance about the normality of your pregnancy, the Harmony test is for you. Older women, particularly over 40 and those who have already had a chromosomally abnormal pregnancy often opt for the test. Additionally, women with a high risk of miscarriage from an amniocentesis or chorionic villous sample will find themselves at ease if able to avoid these invasive procedures by way of the Harmony Test.

How is the test performed?

After the mother has read and signed a consent and data release form, an ultrasound is undertaken. At this point a simple blood test from the arm is performed and the samples are then immediately dispatched to Ariosa Diagnostics in the USA. Results are typically available in under 15 days.

Accuracy & Risk

The testing is non-invasive and completely risk free as opposed to other procedures that require invasive measures. Additionally the test has exceptional accuracy for assessing foetal trisomy risk. In singleton pregnancies the test detects more than 99% of foetuses with trisomy 21, 98% of foetuses with trisomy 18, and 80% of foetuses with trisomy 13, and 96% of foetuses with Turner Syndrome. X and Y analysis provides over 99% accuracy for foetal sex. Accuracy for detecting other sex chromosome anomalies varies by condition.

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