Gynaecological Surgery

If surgery is required, patients can rest assured they are in the safest of hands. Dr Eskander has over 40 years of experience in all areas of gynaecological surgery, including the removal of fibroids, treatment of endometriosis, myomectomy, hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal, and the dissection of adhesions.

Operations are performed at leading hospitals including The Portland Hospital and The Hospital of St. John and St Elizabeth in London which are renowned for their excellence and passionate care.

Dr Eskander performing gynaecological surgery

Key Hole surgery (or Laparoscopic surgery)

Dr Eskander has been performing keyhole surgery since 1978. A key hole surgery is performed through 2-3 small incisions, usually 1-1.5cm diameter in the umbilicus and bikini line either to explore and make a diagnosis or to carry out a surgical procedure. It uses images displayed on TV monitors for magnification of the surgical elements.

Key hole surgery is usually performed as a day surgery and allows you to go home the same day or after 24 hours. The recovery time is short and most patients resume normal activity after one week.

Where possible, we prefer to remove cysts, fibroids, treat endometriosis or dissect adhesions by key hole surgery.

Even open surgery can be carried out through bikini line incisions (for large fibroids, for example) and the sutures are invisible and of good cosmetic appearance. In these cases patients are usually discharged 48-72hrs after.

Minor surgeries

The Gynae Centre is equipped with a minor surgery room which allows you to have minor surgery in-house with minimal fuss under local anaesthsia. Examples of minor operations that can be performed are:

  • Mini curettage of the uterus
  • Loop excision of the cervix (LLETZ)
  • Diathermy to genital warts
  • Incision/marcupialisation of bartholin’s cyst and abcess
  • Biopsy of the vulva
  • Removal of moles
  • Removal of sebaceous cyst
  • Diathermy to the cervix

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