COVID-19 Update

We would like to reassure you that The Gynae Centre will remain open during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. All patients will continue to receive the very highest levels of care and attention to detail.

To enable us to continue to supply your healthcare needs, we have introduced remote consultations through the phone or video, and strongly recommend this where possible to minimise contact and time at the clinic.

We advise patients who attend as an emergency not to bring their partners or family members with them unless it’s a translator or they are vulnerable, to avoid the potential spread of infection. Should they attend, we kindly ask the partner/family member to wait outside the premises.


How Do Remote Consultations Work?

You can still book an appointment online as usual, through our Book An Appointment page. You’ll need to specify that you would like a phone or video consultation.

For video consultations please download Zoom onto your phone, tablet or computer. Zoom is a secure, encrypted video conferencing tool. If you are unable to download this, we are able to arrange an alternative method, for example, FaceTime, or telephone.

The receptionist will call you at the time of your consultation to complete payment for the service that you require. You will then be connected with the consultant and nurse.

As with face-to-face consultations, you will have up to 30 minutes to discuss any symptoms and issues. Your consultant will offer you advice and recommend treatment.

A written report will be emailed to you immediately after the consultation.

What About Medication?

Your consultant will write and email your prescription to you. You can then take this to your local pharmacy. Your consultant will also require the email address of your local pharmacy so that the prescription can also be emailed directly to them. You can find this online through a search engine, by calling your pharmacy, or speaking to them when you reach the pharmacy.

What About Termination Of Pregnancy?

We understand the stress associated with unwanted pregnancy and the uncertainty surrounding the current crises.

The Royal college of Obstetrics & Gynaecology has advised us that there is no need for blood tests or ultrasound (except in certain conditions) for terminations.

If you have a history of anaemia or heavy periods, please let us know, as we may be able to arrange a check up when you arrive at the clinic.

Medical Termination With Pill (Up To 10 Weeks Pregnant)

We will conduct a full consultation over the phone, assess your needs, discuss treatment options, explain the treatment, provide all the information you require, and seek your agreement and consent. However, as the law requires some of the medications to be taken at the clinic, we will require you to attend in person to take the first tablet and collect other medications and any contraceptives pills agreed. In order to minimise the time at the clinic, please try to come alone. When you arrive, everything will be ready for you. You will simply take one tablet and go home. We suggest that you avoid public transport and keep your private car or taxi waiting.

We advise you to consider the rare possibility that the pregnancy may be ectopic (implanted outside the uterus) like in any normal pregnancy. Having the medical termination with pills will not affect the course of an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy can lead to intra abdominal bleeding and may require hospital admission. If you experience acute, persistent stabbing pain in the lower abdomen, dizziness and fainting, you should contact your nearest hospital.

Surgical Terminations

Considering the current pandemic, we discourage surgical abortion in order to minimise contact except under special circumstances e.g. having to fly within one week, low pain threshold, etc.

In the event that surgical termination is required, we will conduct a full phone or video consultation with you in advance to assess your needs. When you arrive at the clinic, we will have all the necessary paperwork ready for you to sign, along with a finger prick blood test. You will have your surgery and leave within 30 minutes. We will only be able to offer surgical termination under local anaesthesia while you are awake, providing that you are able to tolerate it. We regret that sedation is suspended during the pandemic.

What About Tests?

We will try to reduce tests or defer them for later. However, if a test cannot be delayed, it may be performed at our lab in Wimpole Street. We will send you a request form and let you have the results with any recommendations by mail or phone when available.

What about scans?

Scans will be done after consultations only if they are urgent and in special circumstances e.g. for abnormal bleeding and incomplete miscarriages.

What About Colposcopy?

We will be happy to discuss abnormal smear test results with you and advise on the best plan of action. How long we can wait before we are able to book you in for your colposcopy will depend on the results. If possible, all non-urgent colposcopy appointments will be delayed until the pandemic passes.

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